Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Current reading - Iron Druid Chronicles

Greetings all,
      A while ago I started reading the 1st Book in the Iron Druid Chronicles. I set it aside back then but recently picked it up and found it very enjoyable. While the Dresden Files still remain my favorite read in urban fantasy, this one is becoming a close second. I am in the middle of the third book now and looking forward to the next ones.

Monday, February 25, 2013

The Celtic Curse

No it's not alcohol, but rather the attempt to incorporate too many things into a game. While "frankensteining"  may not be unique to those of Celtic heritage, I think there is a genetic predisposition to think that more some how equates with better. Variety is the spice of life, but too much can be overwhelming  I often think of my mother's kitchen. When hot-glue guns made their advent in the late 70's wall space disappeared in the kitchen.  Every blank space had something glued to it. Cool, but WTH!?!
      As I look at my habits of GMing I tend to fall into that habit of adding more and more to the game. Any of my players can tell you that D & D 3.X provided me with an overabundance of professions, weapons and subskills for Dragonquest. I did a little raiding from the 2nd edition, but really only the psionics and a few professions were looted during that time. I wasn't  actively playing, so there was no urgency.
       As I assemble the pieces of Blood Moon I am already looking at 25 playable races for the game, 10 for the "basic" edition. I have 20 different firearms in the works, and will try to thin it down to a dozen or so for the basic game.  New skills need to be added to the game such as prospector, tinkerer, mechanik, fleshweaver and some others. I find all of this exciting and think of the gaming experience, but I certainly don't see it as a OSR endeavor, but more like an D & D 3.X infection gone crazy.  Be that as it may, if anyone should want a copy of my handiwork, it is there for taking once I  it get completed.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fun with names: Flavoring your campaign

As I kick around ideas for Blood Moon I am working on a list of various locations to include on the map or to make know to the players as they adventure. For now, here are some generic names of potential locations in the world.

  • Demonholds - Castles or fortress of demonic lords
  • Maggot Pits - Where the dead go to wiggle
  • The Dead Lands - Lands ruled by the undead
  • Flayer Stockyards - Mind Flayer feeding pits
  • Aboleth Bogs - Sunken citieis ruled by Aboleths
  • The Dragon Marches - The rumored last hold out of dragons in the land
  • Elemental Quagmires - Areas of extreme and dangerous elemental powers
  • Jinn Citadels - Fortresses ruled by various jinn's
  • Desecration Tundras - Blighted areas where the gods & titans fell
  • Neogi Spires - Trading towers of Neogi
  • Mongrel Gatetowns - Starting cities for the campaign
  • Fleshports - Slaver cities 
Those are some preliminary ideas that I think will help color and flavor the setting.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Working on Blood Moon Basic

It's a rather tedious endeavor, but I wanted to try and create a basic version of Blood Moon before rolling out the more complete version.  While many elements of the setting are complete, there are a number that need to be fine tuned. Here is a short list of various features for the setting:

  • 11 player races
    • Mongrels - A mix a various races - the stock race for the setting
    • Graven - A recent member of the undead that still retains a resemblance to the living
    • Goblins - Every bodies favorite fodder modified and adapted for play
    • Gnolls - Another fodder race revamped for play
    • Frey - Anthropomorphized race of house cats taken from the Oathbound setting
    • Haunts - A ghost that seeks to remain attached to the world of the living
    • Lomandrins - A race of antropomorphized owls
    • Minotaurs - The old classic with a change in attitude and diet
    • Blickish - Teleporting halflings taken from the Mythic Races book
    • Drow - The only elves left in the world 
    • Gnomes - The creators of elemental-tech
  • Elemental technology
    • Think steam-punk that has been adapted to elemental sources of energy
    • 4 primary elements and other minor ones as sources of energy
    • Elemental guns
    • Elemental transportation
  • A different take on death - Dying does not necessary mean the end of a character. By force of will one can remain in play after the "death" of their character.
There is a short list of some the ideas that have been percolating around in my head over the last couple of years. Bringing them to fruition will be the challenge. 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Is it game time yet??

Greetings all,
     Since beginning my new assignment game time has reached an all time low. However, it looks like my life is beginning to reach a manageable pace so the potential gaming bug is biting at me.  While I don't foresee gaming before the summertime, I do hope to take some time to line up things for a new campaign. My real hope is to do some serious work on my Blood Moon campaign idea and see if I can work it into a real setting. What I may end up doing is posting some of my handiwork here for feedback and any suggestions.

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