Monday, November 26, 2012

A first look @ Summoner Wars

Hey hey gaming community! While the RPG playtime has been tabled in the new assignment, I have had some time to play some games. Summoner Wars has been a welcome addition to my gaming collection. If you are looking for a fun filler game with a good port to Ios Summoner Wars is worth a look. I've played both the card game in person and on the iPad and find both very enjoyable. It has good replay value. While it is unlikely to unseat Dominion as my favorite game of all time, it is a lot of fun. Any-whose-it, my Game Center Name is Shaador. Look me up sometime for a game!

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Out in the woods, but not completely gone

Dear readers, (however few that might be)
       Since the major change in life with a new assignment to a rural parish I have not devoted much if any time to gaming. The current projections for future gaming look pretty limited as well. While I doubt the gaming bug will ever leave me, it is pretty much tabled at the moment.  This isn't really news since I have had no post in 4 months.  I do check the various blogs from time to time to see what is stirring in the community, but for the most part my time with technology has given way to a return to nature.
       I am still thinking for ideas for a Western-Steampunkish game using the mechanics of Dragonquest but it is far from fulfillment.  I really feel for my two gaming groups that I had going at the old parish, they were a lot of fun and really some great players.  In time I imagine I may try to carve out some future gaming time, in the mean time know that I am trying to observe the OSR community from afar as time permits.  Until the next posting, peace.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Now if you had offered me LVL 11 cleric. . . .

       Well, it's been a while since I have posted anything there. While I've been at the new place over a month, getting settled has taken longer than expected.  I hope to being posting now and again just to keep the gaming mind engaged before it collects too much dust. It will probably be a while before I am free enough to reassemble the group.
       Today we celebrated the 1st Sunday of Lent.  For most players over the years, resisting temptation when dangled in front of them has been a bit less successful than Jesus as recounted in the Gospels. Most are willing to risk the gamble of playing with fire if there is a potentially high payoff. Since evil can often be personified in the form of some devil, I think characters always enjoy the possibility of outwitting or overpowering a tempter.
       On a side note, I see things are somewhat abuzz with the reprint of the 1st addition books as well as the dreaded 5th Edition - Edition to end all Editions until the 6th can make money as well Edition.  Blessed Lent to all.

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Of Ireland and the Irish