Tuesday, April 15, 2014

       Currently Working on this website for it's future unveiling.  While I primarily want to use it as a resource for playing Dungeon World, I want to add enough material for anyone interested in the RPG hobby.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sucker for Random Generators

It's a simple confession of one who has been gaming on and off for the last 33 years. While I still think I have an ample supply of creative juices, the naming of things has always been a bit perplexing for me. I have my ready to go names on the drop of a hat, but I sure like having my imaginatipon sparked by the result of random generators. I have had some listed on the sidebars of the blog, but recently came across two new ones that I wanted to do more then just add to that list.

James's Random Generators has all kinds of goodies: http://rpg-tools.org/generators/index.php

WAAZOORAMMA!  Ok, that is not it's name but when it comes to generators that is what it is:

Dungeon World

Of Ireland and the Irish

Of Ireland and the Irish