Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Deadpool - Yeah it rocks

The Merc with the Mouth has a rockin' game! 
It may become may favorite Marvel game for the PS3.

Death from above

Normally I think of assassins as a bunch of putzes, this makes them a little more awesome.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The New Groups roll out

Greetings all,
       Over the last few week a number of people have rolled up some characters. I have the prospects of two groups forming for future gaming.

The Adult Group (Two guys from my former days of gaming, looking for one to two more)
       Unnamed Githyanki Fighter. One of the uber-races of the setting. They are fearsome fighters and always have some magical abilities or are often equally competent spell-casters.  The one balancing act for the mighty Gith is the potential to backfire while using spells. Their presence in a group also draws the attention of Mindflayers and other enemies they have made through the ages. While no longer an evil race, the Gith are far from friendly and suffer from extreme issues of anger and paranoia. They still maintain an undying hatred of Mindlfayers and care little for the undead or demons that populate the lands of the Blood Moon. Most of the other races that one might find adventuring they view with contempt or suspicion. The emergence of the god of Vengeance has become a point of unity for them.

       Unnamed Graven Fighter. One of the stock races of the setting. They are among the recent dead and still remember their former lives enough to have ties to how they once lived. This particular graven has been strengthen by an influx of necrotic energies and possess above average stats and abilities.

The Teen Group (My most recent recruits to Dragonquest)
       Persephone - The Dragon Blooded  One of the uber-races for the setting. They are descendants of the long extinct dragons of the land. Some say the the Sire of All Dragons is their ultimate father and still exists in spite of not being seen for thousands of years.
       Sil - The Lomandrin One of the races created for the setting that bears a resemblance to the Owls from the Guardian movie. She resembles a Grey Grey owl. Both her and Persephone are armed with two-handed swords, one has a flamberge and the other a katana.
      Troxie - The Gnome Armed with a double-barrel saw off shotgun and a morning-star, she is more lethal than many realize. Gnomes are the only race to start with a gun of some type. Other races can acquire them during the game much like a magic item.
      Hadil - The Hellcat A race of intelligent felines that once formed part of the conquering hordes of demons that dominate the land. Over time they realigned themselves with others in the land and no longer serve or associate with their former masters.
       Pipa-Aramodor - The Haunt  A haunt (Pipa) using the body of a lowly mongrel (Aramodor) to make her way through the land.  Pipa is a rather hesitant haunt and is careful about the use of her contact with the world, her host body/friend/ride Aramodor.

Now the challenge becomes finding the game time!

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Of Ireland and the Irish