Thursday, August 4, 2011

Red Dragon Inn

The first game introduced us to the four adventuring friends gathering at the Red Dragon Inn to drink, gamble and fight. Zot the wizard with Pookie, Gerki the Sneak, Fiona the Volatile and Deirdre the Priestess each have their strengths and weaknesses while interacting at the inn.    The game is essentially a run to be the last person left at the table. You lose your seat at the table by either getting drunk, suffering too many injuries or running out of money. The cards are very easy to understand with such headings that indicate when they can be used in game play.  Anytime, Something and Action cards the three main cards that a player can chose from in playing the game.  "I don't think so" is the fun denial card that occasionally allows you to prevent someone from spiking your drink, twapping you hard or taking your money via gambling or other means. Play with your friends and make sure there is something to do for those who get knocked out of the table early on in the game. There are two expansions to the game and I will offer some comments one them soon. It's a lot of fun and make sure to read the description of various cards as played, that's part of the flavor and fun of the game.

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