Monday, August 8, 2011

CROM! - The Secret Fire

"Whenever a PC suffers damage, he may call out for aid to any Elder God in which he has Ranks. This assistance will come automatically and without visible effect, except that it will reduce by half the damage taken by the PC. A character may call for aid once per day for each Elder God in which he has Ranks. For example, twice per day if a PC has Ranks in both the Void and the Great Unknown."

Normally calling out for the gods to do something in Dragonquest has no effect unless one is a cleric, templar or inquisitor. I think letting characters call out an get answers with unknown consequences would certainly be fun. Obviously you don't need this game to include such a thing, but it was a fun read. The game definitely has a more Lovecraftian feel to it than many fantasy RPGs.

"Be warned: These debts never come in the form of simple penalties to Attack, Damage, or Skill checks — they are infinitely more interesting, or bizarre, than that. A PC may wake from unconsciousness to find himself lying in a pool of blood — the blood of his allies, who lie dead at his feet, clearly murdered by his own hand."

While I may never play the game, it has an interesting flavor. The only thing that bugs me a little bit is some of the artwork and some of the footers that looks like more demonic incantation imagery.  I know, I know it's all part of the genre, and its only a game.

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