Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Working on Blood Moon Basic

It's a rather tedious endeavor, but I wanted to try and create a basic version of Blood Moon before rolling out the more complete version.  While many elements of the setting are complete, there are a number that need to be fine tuned. Here is a short list of various features for the setting:

  • 11 player races
    • Mongrels - A mix a various races - the stock race for the setting
    • Graven - A recent member of the undead that still retains a resemblance to the living
    • Goblins - Every bodies favorite fodder modified and adapted for play
    • Gnolls - Another fodder race revamped for play
    • Frey - Anthropomorphized race of house cats taken from the Oathbound setting
    • Haunts - A ghost that seeks to remain attached to the world of the living
    • Lomandrins - A race of antropomorphized owls
    • Minotaurs - The old classic with a change in attitude and diet
    • Blickish - Teleporting halflings taken from the Mythic Races book
    • Drow - The only elves left in the world 
    • Gnomes - The creators of elemental-tech
  • Elemental technology
    • Think steam-punk that has been adapted to elemental sources of energy
    • 4 primary elements and other minor ones as sources of energy
    • Elemental guns
    • Elemental transportation
  • A different take on death - Dying does not necessary mean the end of a character. By force of will one can remain in play after the "death" of their character.
There is a short list of some the ideas that have been percolating around in my head over the last couple of years. Bringing them to fruition will be the challenge. 

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