Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fun with names: Flavoring your campaign

As I kick around ideas for Blood Moon I am working on a list of various locations to include on the map or to make know to the players as they adventure. For now, here are some generic names of potential locations in the world.

  • Demonholds - Castles or fortress of demonic lords
  • Maggot Pits - Where the dead go to wiggle
  • The Dead Lands - Lands ruled by the undead
  • Flayer Stockyards - Mind Flayer feeding pits
  • Aboleth Bogs - Sunken citieis ruled by Aboleths
  • The Dragon Marches - The rumored last hold out of dragons in the land
  • Elemental Quagmires - Areas of extreme and dangerous elemental powers
  • Jinn Citadels - Fortresses ruled by various jinn's
  • Desecration Tundras - Blighted areas where the gods & titans fell
  • Neogi Spires - Trading towers of Neogi
  • Mongrel Gatetowns - Starting cities for the campaign
  • Fleshports - Slaver cities 
Those are some preliminary ideas that I think will help color and flavor the setting.

1 comment:

  1. This is going to be a dangerous setting I can see.


    Very much looking forward to the pieces falling into place.


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