Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Reflections on Gaming: Random thoughts

Far Away Lands pretty much captures what comes to mind when people think of D & D in this picture.  If I had to think of the things I most appreciate about gaming it would the following:
  • Gathering with your friends and making news ones as you share the common experience of adventuring. 
  • Engaging your imagination and being able to see other people do the same.
  • Getting caught up in the story unfolding at your table and anticipating the next chapter. I really enjoy it when someone asks when we are playing next.
  • Laughter a plenty. So many things can prompt laughter in a game, from poor decisions, bad dice rolls, to instantaneous absurdities that no one would have been able to script. Table conversations among the players and interaction among the characters & NPCs can lead to some memorable moments and enduring quotes.
  • Characters that are more than just an avatar of the player. I don't mind the avatar/character being played, I suspect that many initially start playing the game that way and only later think of character concepts and different personalities for their characters.

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