Tuesday, January 7, 2014

It's all about the questions, (really the story) but as it is defined by questions.

     More diving into Dungeon World. It is so different from what I am used to as a GM of 32 years. DW has some elements of play that I am familiar with.  One of the things that I noticed right away was static hit points.  That is a feature that Dragonquest possessed and set it apart from D & D. You did not gain hit point as you raised levels. You gain abilities and other improvements, but no additional points. The other things I noticed was experience points. DW has removed all the 000's. Often time events in the game give you 1 experience point. 1?  From someone who is used to dealing with the  lots of 000's that seems really odd.  I guess in the end it doesn't matter if there are hundreds or thousands of EXP, just what those EXP allow you to do when you improve.
       The main thrust of the game seems to be the narrative or fiction. The game tries to run combat as fluidly as the rest of the game occurs. There is much more role-playing then roll-playing. I don't have anything against "roll-playing", there is a lot of fun and even comfort in the rolling of dice as part of the game. DW does not eliminate that dimension, but it certainly takes it away from the forefront of action.  The real action is in the questions that are presented and how the characters chose to respond to them. I think the ideal is that every question deals with real consequences, great or small. Actions should generate more questions, more narrative and then another roll. Tactical placement and turns seems rather moot as along as all the players and GM are fine with the flow of the combat narrative. Of course I think that is the case in every RPG, however DW wants the story to precede the dice rolling and have the rolling of the dice as part of the response.  The game embraces partial success as the means for greater story embellishment.
       There is no critical hit chart, I am guessing that they prefer the GM to make up the injuries as needed, but I prefer the randomness of the charts. I may have to add a grievous injury chart of some sort in homage of one of my favorite things in Dragonquest. Of course Dungeon Crawl Classic has some great charts based on the players level. I may have to adapt something from there. Perhaps I will work on developing a Fatality chart, something to embellish the death of an opponent. Oftentimes it seems that one just beats down a foe and if no critical or grievous is scored that is the end of the combat. I am not necessarily looking for something gory to add as much as something that makes the end of a foe more dramatic but less scripted.  The chart is not something for fighting the goblin masses but rather named adversaries of the adventurers.  I do enjoy the randomness of charts!

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