Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Revamping Blood Moon

Originally I thought I would be playing Blood Moon by now, but that has changed as I have done more thinking about the setting. While I have no problems with launching into an idea half-baked, I would like to have a few more game elements nailed down before I give the setting/game a test drive with players. Right now I am restructuring the player races for Blood Moon into various categories according to their relationship to a world dominated by demonic & necromantic powers.

The Remnant - Mongrels, Gnolls, Nightlings, Asherake & Ogrun
The Undying - Graven, Haunts, Deathbonded, Eleti & Gaunts
The Drifters - Goblins, Frey, Darvoths, Pickers & Blickish
The Forsaken - Minotaurs, Outcasts, Trollkin, Drow & Gith
The Forgotten  - Lomandrins, Gnomes, Sendashi, Changelings, Dragonblooded

More descriptions on them later for any who might be interested.  IF,  I manage to get it into some set form I may offer it as a PDF for any who might be curious to see what is under the proverbial hood of the setting.

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