Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Our most recent session of Dragonquest - The Group

Happy feels like Monday to all!
Last Friday the girl group got together to play with two new members. All in all it was a lot of fun. Nothing big happened but it moved along the story line and they all seemed to have an enjoyable time. The two new players are both Pandora add-ins. One is her younger sister and another is her classmate in High School. So the make up of the girl power group is a total of seven (a size I wanted to avoid, but what the heck I am a sucker for more players.) For those vaguely interested here is their roll call:

Luka Dragonclaw - A Chromithian Dragoon armed with a her hand & a half and kite shield in service to her draconic master Rhakrosarddenar Grimdusk. Due to a recent trip to the world of the Forge in the Oathbound setting Luka has acquired some magical ability. Her training as a sage also comes in handy during encounters with various creatures.

Jayana - A Frey Dancing Knife who has  advanced enough in her profession to be considered a dangerous threat to anyone who dismisses a person only armed with daggers. Her ability to throw four daggers in any direction is a single pulse coupled with her high defense make her much more formidable than her appearance.

Pandora - A Frey who has advanced in training as an Acrobat and Beastmaster. Armed with her trusty cutlass she is a a quite but powerful member of their party. Pandora also supplies much of the artwork that has graced this blog or Grievous Injury. Her wolf has gained he ability to transform into a Kith which is a native animal of the Forge.

Rubella the Raven - A Hobgoblin warrior who is uncharacteristically kind and lenient for her race. She is steadily advancing in her training as an Ultimate Fighter and is often the muscle of the group. Thankfully Rubella does not throw her weight around except with the long ship of orcish raiders who occasionally need to be reminded of her authority and power.

Crystal-Rose - A Valco adventurer who recently joined the group and shows promise as a vital group member. Her private quest is the find the ever elusive "red elf."

Axella-Xia - A Quissian adventurer who also recently joined the group. Xia is fairly quite but will go on to be a vital and active contributor to the group. (I think I have her name wrong, but I don't have her character sheet.) When I get it from Pandora I will correct this.

Yet to be seen is Athena the Wolfen assassin.
For information on their races go here http://www.dragonquestfrontiers.com/generation.html

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