Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Bucket List item - Dragonquest 4th Edition

     My first and longest love in gaming has been Dragonquest. I am so thankful that Dad suggested it instead of D & D. Nothing against my many friends that have played various editions of that wonderful game.  TSR, Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro have offered some of the finest material to borrow and Frankenstein into my game.
     36 years later and I am looking to start on a revised version of the classic 2nd Edition of the game. Clean up the text, incorporate house rules, and collate the various materials I have horded over the years. My track record for completing such desires is poor.  It is a hobby after all and life often calls me away from it for protracted periods of time. But hope springs eternal and I have a gaming itch right now that needs some fulfillment.


  1. Please list me as one of the ones interested in purchasing your fourth edition.

    1. You can have it for free when/if I finish it.

  2. I'd also suggest a deities supplement. I like the idea of competing pantheons but there are always problems. Let's say there are lots of sea gods. Then why isn't there constant storms as the rival gods battle it out? And what about an afterlife? Would each pantheon have their own? Yet there's only one set of demons and devils? How does that work?

    I've used the ancient world's way of viewing things which is that every civilization worshiped the same gods, just under different names. Still trying to get some good ideas for the afterlife though.


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