Monday, April 29, 2013

Death be not proud

So you die, then what? Is most settings your buddies would be responsible for taking your body to some sort of cleric to resurrect you. In Dragonquest they would look for a Healer and hope to have enough money to pay for the attempt.  My plans for Blood Moon rule our any clerics or healers. There is not an abundance of good healing magic to be found.  The corruption wrought by the failed eldritch magic has opened the door necromantic energies permeating the lands.  One might die today and return shortly there after as a somewhat intact person tainted by undeath yet still in possession of their person.

In terms of game mechanics Willpower (WP) will be  the determining characteristics of one's fate after death.  If one is lucky enough they have the ability to return to life after the grave as their old selves. They may need some sort of healing, limb grafting, or elemental prosthesis to return to a more mobile state, but they are still listed among the living.  Rolling under 3 X WP will bring about a return to life as it was before.  If your average WP is 15 you have a 45% chance to remain in the ranks of the living.  For those less fortunate, they return to life as a grave version of themselves and may need similar mending to become mobile and active. A roll between 3 & 4 X WP will result in graven transformation.   A roll higher then that causes one to pass into  unlife and return as an undead under the control of the GM.  How soon this transformation occurs is left up the the discretion of the GM.   It is rumored that Grave Wardens can prevent such a transformation.

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