Friday, March 15, 2013

Gnomes: Not dwarves-lite

I was chuckling about some comments that Tenkar put over on his blog about 4e giving gnomes the shaft. For the most part gnomes are treated as dwarves-lite and overlooked by many gamers. It seems to be an all or nothing type of relationship, people either like the way gnomes are presented in a game or they hate them.
     Some of my original thoughts forming the Blood Moon setting had to deal with gnomes surviving their near genocide and living in isolation for a few thousand years. That time apart turned them from a fun frolicking race into a bunch of vengeance driven vigilantes. With nature still against them (too small, too weak, too frail) gnomes have developed technology to balance the playing field. Nothing like a gun to ruin someone's day.  

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  1. I personally envision gnomes as sort of being like Robert Howard's Picts.


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