Thursday, June 30, 2011

The look of the blog & being Irish

Well, I went with Irish colors. Don’t know if I will like them long term, but right now I am fairly satisfied with them.  My mother’s side of the family tree is all Irish. Dad was a mixture of Scotch-English and tended to be a little less emotional than mom and her clan.  When I think of my experience with my Irish relatives I think of laughing, arguing and crying. I know there are other emotions out there, but those three were the main stopping points at most family gatherings. I love my Irish roots even if I blame them for some of the screw tendencies I possess as an individual. I try my best to indulge the laughing part of my temperament, honestly acknowledge the sorrows of life and try to make sure anger is harnessed without being allowed to become reckless or repressed.  It’s not easy being 70% patient and 30% WTF reactive?!?!  Odds are that I can resist being phased by something, but there is always a chance my humanity gets pinched and my Irish get hold of my mouth before my brain is engaged.  

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  1. My finacee is 100% Irish (I'ma germanic mutt). When she get's here Irish up, it is a sight to behold ;)


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